Loaner Car Net

Manage your loaner or rental car fleet with ease using web based software.

  • Get your customers rolling quickly and efficiently

  • Prepare and Print loaner contracts in seconds

  • Prepare and Print pro forma invoice upon car return

  • Find out what cars are available with the click of a mouse

  • Set up loaner car reservations for customers

  • Schedule routine service for entire fleet

  • Operate from any computer connected to the Web

  • No software to load - its all on the Web

How Loaner Car Net Works

The first time a customer requires a loaner car, you must enter their name, address, phone, drivers license and insurance information into the system. Then, each additional time a loaner is required by that customer, all their information is recalled with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

You maintain a list of cars in the system and after a customer is selected to receive a loaner, one more click will select the car. The system manages the availability of cars.

Its just that simple. A new customer can be on the road in a minute or two - a returning customer can be on the road in just seconds.

Loaner Car Net Security

Loaner Car Net stores all data on a central database using Microsoft's database engine (SQL Server). All data is backed up regularly so there is no risk of having a "crash" and losing what has already been stored.

Customer information is kept confidential and the system does not ask for or store high risk items like social security number or credit card numbers.

Since no software needs to be loaded at your dealership, there is no risk of power failure, disk crashes, computer theft or malicious damage.

Loaner Car Net is a product of PC Database Solutions in Chandler Arizona
Ph: 888-436-9776